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Welcome to my website! My name is Danielle Holcomb-Phipps and I’m the Narc Assassin. You can find out more about me by visiting the “About The Author” page.

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COMING SOON!!!! Custom Voodoo Dolls!!!

Have Questions or Need More Help?

I understand exactly how confusing starting a new business of any kind can be, especially a handmade craft business. That’s why I started Craftaholics R Us (formerly known as Handmade in Clarksville and Handmade Witch Crafts Online Marketplace).

I wanted a way to help all the handmade business owners I saw struggling, but I’m only one person, so I can’t offer personalized service to everyone. Instead, I promote your products and services alongside my own FOR FREE when you join the Handmade Witch Crafts Online Marketplace Facebook Group.

To take advantage of everything the group has to offer, click here to join now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/craftaholicsrus

Get the Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Every book, podcast channel, and online course I’ve ever consumed — and would highly recommend — live inside a google doc that I’m frequently updating.

This g-doc is organized by topic and contains links to purchase, listen to, or watch every item on the list.

Not only that, but, you can print a copy of the list for yourself any time you want — which is perfect for shopping in bookstores like McKays or Books-A-Million.

You can even bookmark the list in your favorite browser so you have easy access to it all the time.

Pro tip: For Chrome users, create a folder on your bookmarks bar titled “business resources.” Add the link to the g-doc to that folder for easy access to the resources list.

For items on the list that have reviews — like the one you’re reading now — I’ll include a link to the review as well.

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