Hi there! Welcome to my website! My name is Danielle Phipps and I am the creator, owner, and author of this website. If you love to learn, like weird things, and often feel like you’re misunderstood or don’t fit in, you’ve come to the right place!

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Latest From The Learning Center

  • How to Rebuild Your Life From Nothing
    Have you found yourself stuck in a situation where you have nothing but the shirt on your back? Click here to learn what to do.
  • COMING SOON!!! New Businesses to Launch!
    Find out what businesses I’m working on and what you can expect to see released and promoted next, in order of priority.
  • 5-30-23: Question of the Day
    5-30-23: Question of the Day: Join us as we discuss what we wish our parents had taught us that we had to learn on our own as adults.
  • 5-29-23: Question of the Day
    5-29-23: Question of the Day Join us as we discuss how long we’re willing to stay in a “situationship” before calling it quits.
  • 5-28-23: Question of the Day
    5-28-23: Question of the Day: Join us as we discuss how families, roommates, and couples can split daily life duties and responsibilities.
  • 5-27-23: Question of the Day
    5-27-23: Question of the Day: Join us as we reflect on our lives and discuss what we would like to change if we could.

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Every book, podcast channel, and online course I’ve ever consumed — and would highly recommend — live inside a google doc that I’m frequently updating.

This g-doc is organized by topic and contains links to purchase, listen, or watch every item on the list.

Not only that, but, you can print a copy of the list for yourself any time you want — which is perfect for shopping in book stores like McKays or Books-A-Million.

You can even bookmark the list in your favorite browser so you have easy access to it all the time.

Pro tip: For Chrome users, create a folder on your bookmarks bar titled “business resources.” Add the link to the g-doc to that folder for easy access to the resources list.

For items on the list that have reviews — like the one you’re reading now — I’ll include a link to the review as well.

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