COMING SOON!!! New Businesses to Launch!

Hey guys! So, I’m working on building several websites at the same time–ish. The list of websites I have coming are:

So, that’s my list of businesses I’m working on at the moment. It’s a long list and a lot of work, so please be patient with me as I roll things out. I’m getting stuff created and released as fast as I can.

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What Happened to Questions of the Day?

I was posting the questions to the blog every day, but that became too excessive and I don’t think it added enough value. I’m still doing them and I plan to create content with them, but I’m going to use them in a different way. I want to create more SEO-friendly articles with them because people won’t be Google searching “questions of the day”. Not unless they went viral anyway.

Get the Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Get access to all the suppliers, software, and educational resources you need to grow your business inside a google doc that I’m frequently updating.

This g-doc is organized by topic and contains links to purchase, listen to, or watch every item on the list.

Not only that, but, you can print a copy of the list for yourself any time you want — which is perfect for shopping in bookstores like McKays or Books-A-Million.

You can even bookmark the list in your favorite browser so you have easy access to it all the time.

Pro tip: For Chrome users, create a folder on your bookmarks bar titled “business resources.” Add the link to the g-doc to that folder for easy access to the resources list.

For items on the list that have reviews — like the one you’re reading now — I’ll include a link to the review as well.

Get access to the same resources I’ve used to start and grow several businesses by clicking here now!

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