Surrounded By Psychopaths: A Book Review

This book was like a pot of gold I stumbled upon at my local library that caught my eye right when I really needed it.

I’ve been separated, pending divorce from an abusive marriage for over 2 years now. During my recovery, I sought out all the self-help and psychology books I could find on abuse, narcissism, and psychopathy to better understand what happened to me, and keep it from happening again.

I’ve read everything from “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie to “Women Who Love Psychopaths” by Sandra Brown, but “Surrounded By Psychopaths” by Thomas Erikson has been THE BEST book I have ever come across on the topic.

Whereas Melody Beattie approaches it from a religious “love yourself and others” perspective, Sandra comes at it from a clinical perspective as a licensed psychotherapist, and Thomas hits it from a business and life perspective using the DISC personality assessment to explain the patterns of behavior.

While they all have their highlights and usefulness, I could have done without the ones by Melody Beattie and stuck with the other 2 and have learned a lot more useful information on spotting people with narcissism or psychopathy for myself.

What I Loved About It

Thomas uses the DISC personality assessment to teach what normal and unhealthy behaviors look like based on personality types. He ties in the behavior patterns of psychopathy and narcissism by explaining what a person with those disorders would look like depending on what their core personality type is.

By approaching it this way, not only do we get to learn about the disorders, but we get to learn about normal and unhealthy behaviors of people who are different personality types from ourselves. 

This information is ssssoooo useful no matter what your career is, or where you’re at on this journey we call life. You’ll gain self-awareness and the ability to “read the room” with the pros if you read this book and practice spotting the behaviors and guessing other people’s types for yourself.

What I Didn’t Like About It

The only thing I noticed that was really lacking was information on where to go for help or support if you were in a relationship or working with someone who is disordered. 

That’s one thing that Sandra does really well in “Women Who Love Psychopaths.” 

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